The Mayflower

Those of you that know me, know that I am not really a poetry type of person. When I was doing my Xmas email spring cleaning I came across The Mayflower sent to me from one of my coachees who was going through a significant amount of change at the time of writing. It struck […]

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Serendipity’s Secret by Samantha Babington

This is a book I wouldn’t have picked off the shelf as it looks to be about cats and probably has a feminine look to the cover. With saying this, as soon as I started reading it, I could not put it down for the following reasons:- This is a story about a cat (coachee) […]

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The One Minute Manager – an alternative view

An alternative view of Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson’s book How can a book written in 1983 still be relevant in today’s world? I first read this book in at a time in life when I was in middle management and then again in 2011. Thinking about a number of coaching sessions in the last […]

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Stress – can it be good for you?

One of the difficulties about stress is that it can work for you or against you. Low levels of stress can improve your performance, however high levels of stress impede performance. One of the difficulties is that many people when they notice stress, react by doubling their efforts. Then problems come thick and fast, it […]

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Do you have a dream?

Lawrence K Mathea was our guide and driver for our safari in Kenya. Lawrence wants to set up his own company and although he has 22 years knowledge, skills and is qualified as a guide in Kenya he does not have the financial capacity to get his project off the ground. There is no bank […]

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On safari in Kenya and seeing people from different perspectives

Whilst driving to our safari we saw glimpses of what life is in the villages of Kenya including ramble shacks as buildings, goats and cattle everywhere, immersed in litter and of course no pavements or structure. As we bounced along those unmade roads the villages including all black faces did not appear to be welcoming […]

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Walk the talk

There is a danger of becoming a couch potato and no, I couldn’t do without Sky! Many play golf and I must admit I have misgivings not being able to play with Anton, my son, but I don’t want to start playing a sport badly with little prospect of dramatic improvement and then get frustrated. […]

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Business Mentor video

Neil Williams of NVW Solutions talks about his successes as a coach plus client testimonials Read how Neil mentors and coaches businesses.

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How you can make redundancy an opportunity

When I started my career, as long as you were qualified and “kept your nose clean”, effectively you had a job for life. How times have changed. Company margins are under increasing pressure and many people are made redundant, some on more than one occasion. How do people feel when they are made redundant? Is […]

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Are you stuck in a rut? Coaching could be the answer

Many people are unhappy in their existing job. Are you? Do you have a boss who undermines you?Has the organisation changed so much and that you no longer believe in it?Are you just fed up with continuously being in the same role and don’t feel you make a difference?Logically, many would say now isn’t the […]

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