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Start with Why

I was invited to a collaboration morning with Strategic UK, Darren Berry and his team last month when I was kindly given a book called “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek. It was interesting because as a coach, one of the questions we were trained never to ask, was WHY as it can be seen […]

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What do you want in your career?

I think this question is applicable whether you are in your 20’s, as a new successful graduate, or in your 50’s, when things can look very different after a successful career. I can vaguely remember in my 20’s when I was guided by my Dad into a career in insurance at Royal Insurance’s head office […]

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Time for bed – Zebedee!

I recall the time of about a year, when I suffered from lack of sleep and it had nothing to with drinking or not going to bed early enough, or even when our children were babies. It was when I had a stressful job, when I was working away from home throughout the week and […]

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Are you on form?

I have taken all of the thoughts for this article from Mike Brearley’s book “On Form”. Although Mike was a cricketer, he is a lot more than that and hopefully the following points he makes in his book are very transferable to other things. I must admit, the deeper I read into the book, the […]

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What is our sense of purpose?

This topic, what is our sense of purpose, struck me after reading a circular from the person who trained me as a coach 14 years ago! It said “lots of people I’ve encountered have been so busy trying to achieve wealth status and security that they’ve confused this with a real sense of purpose. Purpose […]

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Does being a perfectionist help you?

In November I was fortunate to go to a presentation by Nicola Arnold and Sanela Lukanovic on ‘debunking the myths on Perfectionism and Self Compassion’.  This was what I took away from the seminar bearing in mind I am NOT a perfectionist but in the last 14 years I have coached many people who are. […]

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Out of the Maze by Dr Spencer Johnson

I remember reading a book called “Who moved my Cheese” by Dr Spencer Johnson about 20 years ago. One of my fellow managers at the time didn’t get it. The theme in my mind was, if something changes, we need to adapt and change our approach and be proactive in our approach. I received his […]

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When did life become so stressful and what can you do about it?

In many businesses, particularly in the City, it is often about how many hours you work and, of course, being available on your mobile, 24 hours a day. What is this all about? We have just returned from holiday in America where the culture seems to be about NOT taking holidays– as they often only […]

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10 Essential Tips for Owners and Managers

One of the regular weekly blogs I read can be found at https://www.peoplealchemy.co.uk/blog/ and Paul Matthews has kindly allowed me to use his 50 Essential Tips for Managers and put my version on his tips. His booklet is all about getting better results for you and your team and his regular articles make for good reading. […]

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The Mayflower

Those of you that know me, know that I am not really a poetry type of person. When I was doing my Xmas email spring cleaning I came across The Mayflower sent to me from one of my coachees who was going through a significant amount of change at the time of writing. It struck […]

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