Develop your leadership skills

Becoming a good leader, or manager of the people around you, cannot be underestimated. Imagine being able to do this easily, not only for the business but for yourself?

This coaching concentrates on your specific needs and circumstancesit enables you to rethink your direction, tests your judgements and addresses the challenges that face leaders and managers. If you want to enhance your own leadership style, or you have recognised leadership potential within your team(s), I’m the person to contact.

Whether you are on a career path to become a leader of people, taking the next step in leadership, or are already in a leadership role, there are so many issues which get in the way of focusing on important opportunities. I can work with you to find solutions to what you see as areas of priority and help you to achieve the results you require.

Becoming a better leader

So what do I mean by becoming a better leader? Through this coaching you will be able to shift:

  • from being controlling to letting go of certain tasks and sharing decisions
  • from being directive to being open-minded
  • from feeling overwhelmed to being calm and confident

This tailored coaching can stop you as a leader, from making rash judgements and encourages you to listen, reflect and take measured, well thought through decisions. You will develop a more collaborative approach and value the contributions of others more.

What the programme involves

This personal support programme will give you an opportunity to get a wider perspective of leadership and develop the important relationships you need to do your job. This coaching will challenge your assumptions, gives you the time to understand your own needs and plan a way forward. Together we will ensure you stick to what you say you are going to do. The programme will focus on:

  • Your current position and challenges ahead
  • your team(s) and work colleagues who are also decision makers
  • the time needed to work out and plan your way forward
  • a phased approach
  • where relevant, include other employees/teams

As an accredited and experienced coach, I am able to facilitate and ensure action is agreed upon. Where appropriate, I am very comfortable in challenging to get the very best from you; assisting you in getting better results for you and the business. My programme includes Prism Profiling see which is very insightful.

Outcomes from the coaching

  • enhance your leadership style
  • improve your personal effectiveness
  • empower others by unlocking the potential in your team
  • broaden your network
  • help you think through and make decisions
  • enable the building of strong working relationships within your team