Coaching for Directors and Managers

Becoming a better leader of the people around you cannot be underestimated; nor can enhancing your skills in business to create a vision for the future.  Imagine being able to do this easily, not only for the business but for yourself? Coaching enables you to rethink your direction and challenge your judgements.

As leaders of people and business operations, there are so many issues which get in the way of focusing on important opportunities. I can work with you to find solutions to what you see as areas of priority and, of course, help you to achieve the improved results you require.

What the programme involves

This personal support programme for Directors and Managers gives you an opportunity to get a wider perspective from an experienced and professional person who will ensure you stick to what you say you are going to do. This coaching will challenge your assumptions and mental models and help you find a different perspective. It creates a “safe space”, “a space to think”. Importantly it gives back the control needed within your life to make any necessary changes going forward and facilitates the time needed to do this.

Becoming a better leader

So what do I mean by becoming a better leader? Through this coaching you will be able to shift from controlling to being open; from being directive to accepting; from feeling overwhelmed to being calm and confident. This valued high level coaching can stop a leader from pouncing, making decisions too quickly and encourages him or her to listen and reflect. Leaders develop a more collaborative approach and value the contributions of others more. Through coaching, leaders are able to create an environment where it is safe to make mistakes and learn. My packages can include Prism Profiling see which is so insightful.

Creating a vision for the future

My coaching is fully focused on leaders and their teams, giving themselves time to work out their vision and values and includes their employees in their deliberations. The strategy is phased and really ensures it is inclusive so everybody is on board ready for the challenges ahead.

As an accredited coach I am able to facilitate, ensure action is agreed upon and am very comfortable in challenging people to get the very best from them to assist you to get better results.

Outcomes from the coaching

My coaching is purely focused on the challenges that face leaders and managers and will;

  • Enhance your leadership style
  • Improve your personal effectiveness
  • Empower others by unlocking the potential in your team
  • Broaden your network
  • Take stock and time to reflect and analyse
  • Help you think through decisions
  • Enable the building of strong links with your team

I started Neil’s coaching programme following my appointment as a Company Director. I wanted to prepare myself quickly for the change in responsibilities from manager to director and identify areas where I could add real value to my employer as a new member of the board. The coaching also allowed me to detach from my previous role and focus on the work that was important to me and my employer. Quite often I would finish a coaching session with Neil and have a new found impetus to progress or finalise outstanding matters after it was clear that the right course of action was being followed”. -Matt Williams, Director at Coleman Insurance Brokers

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