Career Coaching

With Neil Williams as your career coach you will stand out from the crowd

So you have an aim to make sure you have a fulfilling and rewarding career. Often this can just happen naturally; sometimes it’s down to luck or being in the right place at the right time. Often you are so busy with your work and home life you can’t stop and refocus to be able to clarify even to yourself what you want.   

Of course many of us find ourselves in a job due to circumstance, drifting rather than planning a particular career path. Others choose their field and find themselves getting further away from the roles and responsibilities that they had first envisaged.

Now and again we all need to look at ourselves and ask: “is this what I really want to be doing?”

More people are seeking specialised coaching to help them understand what they want for their future and in which direction to head.

Pose yourself a few questions – is your career giving you the satisfaction you seek?

Are you doing what you want and finding it enjoyable?

Is your future developing as you wish and if not is there anything you can do personally to change it?

Perhaps it is time to make your first steps in looking for a new and exciting challenge. You may be just starting out and want to find the right career path for the future. Redundancy can even present you with your biggest opportunity.

career coaching = success

What the programme involves

I provide personal coaching tailored to your needs to help you to make informed decisions about your career plans and take control of your future.

Through talking together and working through your existing position and future goals, you will be able to understand yourself and your behavioural traits, analyse what you really enjoy doing and where you want to go with your career. For example, we assess what works for you now, or has in the past, we will look at parts of your current job which you really enjoy and why. Without doubt there is a huge importance in identifying what you see as success, evaluating if this is measurable and clarifying what to achieve first in your journey to make change happen.

The programme involves engaging the whole of your brain (including the unconscious mind – from where you often have good ideas in the shower in the morning!) Coaching gives you access to parts of the brain you would not normally reach. As long as you are open to change it is most powerful. My coaching does not have to be for extended periods of time and can fit in to suit your time and budget. 

Whatever your circumstance, my career coaching is all about finding solutions to barriers that you may have built up in your own mind, it’s focused on looking ahead and going forward.  I am your sounding board in a totally private and confidential way.

Creating your vision for the future

My career coaching is fully focused on you, giving you time to work out your personal vision and values and importantly includes your work-life balance in your deliberations. The strategy of this coaching can be phased and really ensures you have thought of every aspect of the route you want to follow, as well as preparing yourself for the challenges ahead.

Outcomes from the career coaching

  • Establishing what you would really like to do, given no obstacles or barriers
  • Learning what job you are capable of and which of your skills would be transferable to other industries/professions
  • Understanding how family commitments impact on career expectations
  • Confirms how mobile you really are and in which geographical area you would work
  • Clarifying your salary expectations
  • Knowing how to market yourself
  • Knowing which type of companies to target
  • Having an action plan to positively attack these options

Career coaching was like a self-awakening. I was made aware of my own strengths along with my personal goals. I was able to improve my interview technique and effort whilst job-hunting. I am now employed and better placed to deal with my future career, and I am more complete as a person” – Jonathan, Staplehurst

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