Business Mentoring

As your business coach and mentor, I can help you will find the right direction.

Are you finding that you’re working extremely long hours, some days not knowing which way to turn to prioritise the demands of the business and people around you?

On top of all this, has your work ceased to be fun and business is just a long hard slog?

You might even be finding yourself working IN the business and not ON the business – losing focus on what really matters to run a profitable and successful company.

Maybe this situation is only just beginning to happen (victim of your own success perhaps); suddenly it needs to be managed more carefully and more focus is required from Directors, Managers and staff alike. My coaching and mentoring programme can help you find the solutions you need and enable you to have the thinking time and impetus to move forward positively, with a plan and purpose to make the changes required.

business mentoring = success
So, you think you haven’t got time for this?
You are so busy that you get to the end of the day dissatisfied with the work you have been able to achieve, leaving you exhausted and exasperated. Your business planning and deadlines are slipping and the constant pressure is resulting in a loss of focus. Maybe your work life is not this challenging but “making” time to put this right has never been more important. As an accredited coach I have the depth of knowledge and experience in business to be able to understand your needs quickly and help you facilitate the important changes required. I am a detached sounding board which enables me to challenge people to get the very best from them. This allows us to get actions and deadlines agreed to make things happen. As time progresses you will see real change that is not only effective but motivational to you and those around you.

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What the programme involves

Depending on your initial thoughts and early discussion it could mean a thorough review of your business and personal goals and a re-assessment of your Vision and Values. I would support you and help build your action plans and importantly, if required, assist in keeping you on track throughout the year.

The strategy would be agreed together and can be phased; this ensures it is inclusive so everybody is on board ready for the challenges ahead, meeting monthly or quarterly as required.

With this programme you get a totally independent fresh approach to create the solutions you need. I am a business professional, very experienced in Sales, Sales Management, Operations and Customer Delivery. I have also been a Managing Director and I am a qualified Marketer and a trained Coach who is action centred. My coaching is fully focused on you, your business and your teams. Together we will establish the specific change that’s required and pinpoint what you want to get from my coaching (or mentoring) to gain successful outcomes.

Outcomes from the coaching and mentoring

Every company has different needs, some require more or less coaching and mentoring than others. Bespoke coaching can often be the most beneficial and could include all or any of the following:

  • Thorough review of business and personal goals
  • Taking stock and time to reflect and analyse
  • Helping you think through decisions
  • Considering the Key Performance Indicators
  • Structured Action Plans
  • Review of the Sales and Marketing Process
  • Evaluation of Customer Service Delivery
  • Assessment of Time Management
  • Reassessment of Vision, Mission and Values
  • Setting Smart Goals
  • Ensuring Personal Goals aligned to the business
  • Discovering Niches
  • Ensuring smooth systems in place
  • Clear Organization and Communication in place
  • Empowering others by unlocking the potential in your team
  • Enabling the building of strong links with your team

I’ve used Neil as my coaching supervisor for about 6 months and he has really added value to how I approach my clients and my business. Neil has a very down to earth and pragmatic manner which, coupled with his previous business, coaching and management experience and his warm personality, really puts you at ease. Each session gets you thinking and challenges your perceptions – and he has a way of steering you to make real changes – I would highly recommend him”. Sean Donovan – Partner, Development Garden