Stuck and not sure what to do next?

Life is full of ups and downs, and so are careers and businesses. Perhaps you’re feeling unsure about your current position or future development? Most of us have stages in our lives when we feel “stuck” and that is quite normal to go through stages like this and have feelings like these.

It could be one of those things we tend to leave, ”oh well let’s see what happens next”. Taking control of your future yourself, instead of letting someone else intervene can be so rewarding. You may think you can’t control what happens to you in your current situation but you’d be surprised what you or those around you, can do.

The first stage can often be to recognise that it’s time for change whether it is for you personally or your business.

Reading the product pages above will help you to find out more or why not have a no obligation initial chat with me, Neil Williams, this simple act could be your first steps to create change and positive results. 


Career Coaching



Are you in the right job?

Are you drifting rather than planning a particular career path?



SME mentoring 

Are you running your business properly?

Are you working harder and achieving less, finding it difficult to keep to your original plan?



Supervision Coaching

Reflection, insight and support for coaches

All coaches should have a Supervisor to support them to serve their clients better.



Personal Success

Is your life and work in balance?

Are you continuously in that mouse-wheel, keep putting yourself under pressure, or just fear the future?




Is the prospect of retiring worrying you?

I offer the Retirement Success Coaching Programme which will give you a great insight for your future.


NVW Solutions – Reflect, plan act.

My coaching is fully focused on you, or if the coaching is for your company, it’s about your company’s progression and the teams within it. Together we will establish the specific change that’s required and pinpoint what you want to get from my coaching (or mentoring) to gain successful outcomes.

As your coach we will find the solutions together. 

Why choose me? My coaching skills come with a breadth of experience gained from being a business professional, very experienced in Sales, Sales Management, Operations and Customer Delivery. I have also been a Managing Director and an accredited Coach and Supervisor of Coaches who is action centred.

I am a coach and business mentor who is a good listener, I work with you to find solutions and together think about the repercussions of change and can help you through this. I already work with a wide range of people and organisations from diverse industries and I have been doing this successfully for over 12 years.

You will need to make time to take stock of where you are now and where you want to be. Whatever your goals, giving yourself space in a confidential environment can make an amazing difference for your future. We can cover any of the following:

  • career progression
  • company ambitions 
  • improving yours or your company’s performance
  • understanding yourself better
  • being more confident
  • relationship and interpersonal skills
  • presenting yourself
  • life balance
  • planning your retirement


Contact me and see if we can work together – most people can. Go on, come out of your comfort zone and have the future you want!

Neil has worked with our new management team for the past year with significant results. The group sessions have helped the “team” to emerge and the individual sessions have ensured new levels of confidence and focus – Andy Hawkes, THB.

Neil has helped me to look at myself from a different angle, to enable me to look at my strengths and weaknesses and to help me focus on these respectively. Coaching has helped me to realise where  I want to go and what I need to do to get there – Regional Development Manager, KP